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Mediterranean Turkey Meatballs

Day 3 of our Month of Mouthwatering Recipes!!  Seriously, these meatballs, are the king of all meatballs if you are one who loves the flavors of the Mediterranean.  For me, personally, Mediterranean food ranks up in my top 5 food styles.  Couple that with amazing wood-fired amazing-ness from the Pappy’s Campfire Cooker and it’s a match made in heaven, AND it makes enough for a crowd.  If you want to be the impress your friends you go camping with or have a nice outdoor get together, you will be the star if you serve these! Before I start sulking that

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Pappy’s Famous Foil Packet Chicken Wings

This recipe is SO easy and so full of amazing flavor when you use any of Pappy’s Barbeque Sauces.  INGREDIENTS: 8 chicken wings (split) per person 3 TB up to 1/4 c Barbeque sauce depending on how much sauce you like Salt & Pepper to taste Non-stick aluminum foil DIRECTIONS: If you have followed this blog and own a Pappy’s Campfire Cooker… you know the drill.  Light your fire and let it get to an even flame. Tear off 12″ or so strips of aluminum foil and place 8 wings onto each piece of foil Sprinkle salt and pepper and

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Campfire Country Goulash

It’s fall and that means it’s time for comfort food.  There is little more comforting when the weather cools down than hearty soups and stews.  Goulash or Beef Tomato Macaroni Soup is a classic.  Most everyone may have their own recipe, but we hope you will give ours a try.  Our recipe has evolved over the years and ended up with this version being the “keeper”  Especially on our Pappy’s Campfire Cooker.  Wood-fired Goulash is on a whole other level!!  This recipe makes a very large pot, but even that didn’t last long around here, it was devoured! Seriously, do

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Strawberry Shrimp Salad

This is a recipe we could have made over and over again this past Summer. We are slipping it on here since the weather has been so beautiful and there are still strawberries on the shelves at the market. We think you will enjoy one last taste of summer either as a main dish or as a delicious side! Strawberry Shrimp Salad serves 4 INGREDIENTS 4 cups Mixed Baby Greens (can include spinach) 2 cups fresh Strawberries 2 ounces feta cheese 4 TB pecans 1/4 – 1/3 sliced red onion 1 lb of fresh shrimp 1 TB Old Bay Seasoning

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Garlic Lemon Chicken Kabobs

We are in the process of getting all of our tried and true recipes up on our this blog to share with our readers and customers!  We hope that you will find some Campfire recipes to enjoy.  Please freely contact us with your Cooker recipes and testimonials!  Today we are highlighting one of our favorite recipes from this summer.  Garlic Lime Chicken Kabobs.  They are tangy, juicy, and bursting with flavor!  Serve them with warm warm rice, or you could do like we do and devour them right off of the grill plate! Garlic Lemon Chicken Kabobs Serves 4-6 6

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Campfire Cooking on the Go…

Let’s talk about Campfire Cooking today, specifically, setting up a Camp Kitchen when you are staying outdoors and away from home either by the lake, the river, or at your favorite campground. 1.  Where Should You Set Up:  If there isn’t a picnic table or other defining marker that will determine your eating area, then take a look around and find a spot that you think would be a great cooking and dining place.  Make sure it is at least 100 feet or so away from your tent/sleeping space so you are safe from furry invaders in the night.  Make

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