Meet Pappy

In Loving Memory of  Donald Earl “Pappy” Dyson

February 13, 1943 – June 13, 2013

Pappy is the father of 7, including the 3 brothers that own Wabash Industrial Services.  For years he was a Millwright, doing the very same work as the creator’s of Pappy’s Campfire Cooker.  He also spent many years farming.  After he retired, Pappy opened up a small Farmer’s Market at the edge of his property selling his own freshly grown produce, and his own specially branded Pappy’s BBQ Sauce, now available for purchase in our online store.  Pappy was a gentle soul and loved nothing more than being around people.  Everyone was a friend to him.  When you met Pappy, always donned in his favorite overalls, you walked away just a little different, taking with you a few of his nuggets of wisdom, and never forgetting his loving, gentle voice and jovial laughter.  He was a man that truly lived and inspired his children to greatness.  He was always so proud of their every accomplishment, big or small.  Were he here today, you would find him right in the middle and selling Cookers at his little market!

The summer before his passing, he had this video taped, we hope that you will watch and enjoy getting to know Pappy just a little bit and see the very reason there was no other name for our cooker other than Pappy’s Campfire Cooker.


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