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Pappy’s Campfire Cooker – Bringing the campfire to your backyard.   This unique patent pending design, hand-crafted of steel, will provide you hours of campfire enjoyment in your backyard, campground, or at your lake property.  At just 17″ off the ground, it’s the perfect height to enjoy a great cookout or cozy bonfire.  Our unit is 28″ in overall diameter and 32″ handle to handle.

This specially designed cooker provides you both a removable, rotating and height adjustable grille plate as well as a custom designed kettle hook to hang your coffee kettle or Dutch oven enabling you to cook a variety of dishes.  Our one of a kind Utensil Rack is also included with your Cooker allowing you to keep all of your cooking utensil conveniently hanging within reach.

This 100% American made and hand forged cooker has 4 legs for stability and is fashioned from 3/16″ hot rolled plated steel.  This cooker will last and last – and you will probably need to make sure who gets this cooker in your will, because your family will fight over who gets it next!

Every single cooker we make is HAND-CRAFTED – IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP


Our Grill Plate is made from pickled steel.  The best way to love your Pappy’s Campfire Cooker is to treat the Grill Plate like you would Cast Iron cookware.  Try to store your Grill Plate indoors after each use until you have built up enough seasoning to withstand water and moisture to prevent rusting.  Any surface rust can be cleaned with a wire brush.

Product Includes:
Campfire Cooker Firepit Base, Grill Plate, Kettle Hook, Hot pad for Grill Plate, and Utensil Holder (hanging kettle and dutch oven pictured are not included, they are for demonstration purposes only)

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Weight 93 lbs


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