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The Cooker

Bringing back the days of good ol’ campfire cooker that you can conveniently enjoy in your backyard, campsite, or lake property. Our cooker rivals any gas or charcoal grill on the market. Pappy’s has a 4 legged sturdy construction that will ensure you the highest in handcrafted quality. Where mass produced “decorative fire pits” are typically thin sheet metal that warp after several uses from the extreme heat of your fire, Pappy’s Campfire Cooker will hold up time after time and not blow away in a wind storm if left outside. Pappy’s is also perfectly portable, you can sit it on your patio, move it out in the yard, take it tailgating, to the lake or river, or to the campground.

Our patent pending design is carefully hand welded with 3/16″ hot rolled plated steel, solidly and firmly welded and individually tested for quality. There is nothing like the smell and taste of cooking a meal over natural burning wood. We love to experiment by trying different wood to flavor infuse food such as hickory, applewood, etc. We use charcoal sometimes too. Truly your imagination is the only limit when cooking on Pappy’s Campfire Cooker. The grilling rack can sear steaks to perfection, grill vegetables or kabobs, or make a delicious wood fired pot of chili or stew by placing a dutch oven directly on the grill plate, or slow cook by hanging it on the kettle hook. Want a hot breakfast while camping? Throw a cast iron skillet on the grill plate, crack open some fresh eggs, and finish off with bacon and hash browns. Make a delectable grilled apple pie or skillet cookies, everything tastes better wood fired!

The trademarked design has a pivoting grill plate that is adjustable in height. There are 2 sturdy handles making the cooker easy to move. Our cooker is not only functional, but has the ability to enhance any yard, hard scape patio or campsite. Built to last and last for years of enjoyment.  It’s a true heirloom piece.

The cooker is complete with a kettle hook, making it very handy for boiling a kettle of water for coffee, tea, or a hot bath, or slow cooking chili or stew by hanging a dutch oven from the handy curved hook.

Both the grill plate and kettle hook are fully removable turning the cooker into the best fire pit you can find. Do so, and you can enjoy roasted marshmallows or weenies over direct flame or just sit around and enjoy its warmth with the company of your favorite people. Our octagonal shape has partially open sides which provide perfect air intake to keep your fire burning for hours.



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